Can’t do It

I just can’t bring myself to level the mage and rogue. They are just stuck where they are. Each time that I have time to level one or the other, I do some thing like archeology instead. What!? Yes,  I’ve grown adverse to leveling from 0 to cap.

There is an incoming deletion for both the mage and rogue. I just don’t see myself putting in the real effort to level them and learning to play each decently.

So I will be strip mining them and putting the heirlooms in storage for a while.

Kind of sad, but that’s the life of pixels.


Kill Shot – Baleroc

The trash before him was a harder fight. Rock mob producing volcanoes? Good one Blizzard.

Kill Shot

Dude went down hard. It was our first kill and we were very happy. Stupid Death Star laser beamy thingy was very annoying, funny, and tragic all at the same time.