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Hanging up the Ranged Weapon Here

The time has come for me to ride off into the sunset. This has been an amazing adventure. I’ve made many new friends and maybe some enemies along the way. I don’t want to spend to much time rehashing my playing time here, but know that it has had its ups and downs. It was not until I gave being a hunter a true chance that I really started enjoying this game at a higher level.

I’m a kind of do it yourself guy and being a hunter worked well for me. For those times I wanted to get up close and personal I kept my warrior around.

Thank you Amicus Fidelis of Durotan for taking me and providing a great time as a guild.

I’ll not be blogging about WoW anymore. I will not delete this blog though. It’s earned to right in my mind to stay and be dormant like my account will be.

I’m not stopping my MMO playing. I will be moving on to Star Wars: The Old Republic. Yes, I’ve seen the trailer for the next WoW expansion, and the changes that are going into it. To be honest, it’s not enough to keep me around. For me WoW is just not that shiny play thing any more. It’s lost it’s luster and Blizzard just can’t shine it up enough to keep me in it.

Will I ever come back? I will not say no, and I will not say yes.

For those staying, I wish you the best and hope you have all of the fun that you can find.

To everyone that has read, subscribed, or commented on this blog, I thank you. It’s been a joy. You can still find me at my personal blog:






A Change Is Gonna Come

Can’t do It

I just can’t bring myself to level the mage and rogue. They are just stuck where they are. Each time that I have time to level one or the other, I do some thing like archeology instead. What!? Yes,  I’ve grown adverse to leveling from 0 to cap.

There is an incoming deletion for both the mage and rogue. I just don’t see myself putting in the real effort to level them and learning to play each decently.

So I will be strip mining them and putting the heirlooms in storage for a while.

Kind of sad, but that’s the life of pixels.