I’m going to do something a larger that I have done on a very small scale. I am going to name a few of my pets after the characters of some players, both former and current. The list consists mostly of hunters from whom I have gathered knowledge and well, they are just cool people in my book. Not all are current players of WoW and that is okay by me. Their impact is still important.

Let’s get this ball rolling with a current honorable:
My Terrorpene rare spawn turtle is named Cynderblock. He is named after Cynwise’s mighty warrior. At level 19 his warrior was awesome, and he puts in time to tinker with things in ways that some others just don’t. The turtle follows in the same footsteps having tanked Halfus for a few moments when one of our tanks went down in the raid. “Heal that turtle!”

Word of caution. Naming a pet after people in your guild can lead to your healers super stressing out in a high level raid when they are trying to figure out how a low level character name is now showing on their Healbot. Very funny.

A return honorable:
Pysinster did have the white devilsaur named after him, but said devilsaur had to leave the stable to make room for new additions. My Skarr rare spawn, which was named Raven is now named Pysinster. He has written some of the best leveling post I have ever seen for multiple classes. Plus the name really fits the look of Skarr.

The new honorables:
Lassirra gets to take over the name of my shiny cat named Armorall. If you’ve been a hunter for some time then you know who this huntress is and you know that she knows her stuff cold. She branched out to write about other classes, but to me she will always be a hunter first and foremost. If you really want to know how hunters work inside and out, just ask her. You might want to get snacks in advance, bring a pen and paper, and be prepared to study long and hard.

Brigwyn and Daewin get Krakin and Skitterflame, in that order. These two ran one of the best WoW Centric podcast for a long time. It was very audience friendly and covered mostly hunter stuff, but other stuff as well. They were always fun together and still are though the podcast is no more.

Last, but certainly not least is Pike. One thing I learned from her was that there is a game within the game that can be very fun when the overall game may seem boring. We hunters can have many games within the game when we look to find them or create them. I am renaming my Old Cliff Jumper rare from Freedom to Pike in her honor.

Will there be more?
Having more honorables is always a possibility. The future is open. I also hope it includes more stable slots. Which could make doing this far easier. 😛


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  1. I ❤ Cynderblock. Both of them. I really think it's funny that we can say, with all seriousness, that Cynderblock steps in to tank Halfus when necessary. 🙂

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