Missing the Organic Side

I miss some of the more organic mechanics of being a hunter. They were removed to streamline the hunter experience, but may7be they should not have been removed completely. There are a couple that stick out in my mind. They are training and feeding your pet.

I concede that training a pet was a real pain before. You had to tame the pet that you wanted your current pet to learn the next skill level of a ability from. See how bad that previous sentence was. That’s how bad the mechanic could be. We also had far less stable space back then. So you either kept one stable slot empty at all times, or you didn’t learn your next pet the next level of the ability.

What Blizzard could have done was make Beast Lore more than just an inspection ability. The hunter could have used it to temporally learn the new ability and then share that with his/her pet so the pet could have learned it permanently. No, you would not have to scrap the current talent trees. Just about every current pet has an ability outside of the talent tree system.

I miss feeding my pet.You both sitting their together eating to get health/happiness. Do I miss carrying the food around? No, but I wish there was some kind of feeding mechanic for real pet buffs or some thing similar. Maybe I could feed one of my wolves some peppers and he gets the ability Molten Howl (Dog Breath for a funnier name) for an hour. Kind of like a flask for pets.

I do thank Blizzard for the hunter taming challenges. They mark a return to an organic taming system that will not just allow brute force taming, but intellectual taming. Instead of just camping the spawn point, one has to do some research on abilities to be prepared to handle a tame resistant beast. I like it. Big props for taking off any kind of loot that will attract non-hunters, but some non-hunters still kill them for some weird reason.

It’s pure entertainment watching hunters try to tame Kirix, or others try to kill Kirix. BOOM, you’re dead. Then Kirix runs off. I love it.

My last suggestion is to make rare beast remain rare. Don’t share the skin with other tameable beast. It defeats the purpose of it being a rare. Once tamed, you can’t tell Skitterflame or The Beast from any of their other tameable brethren. Fix it please.


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