No More Threat Game :-(

I haz a sad that there is no longer a threat game within the game to be played. I so loved trying to hover just below the tank’s limit and putting out some good DPS.

Those days are over. I even uninstalled Omen. There just is no need for it after the Blizzard hot fix.

Where are we headed with the threat mechanic I do mot know, but things just seem to get easier and easier in some departments. Blast away with reckless abandon. The tank will snap that mob right back. I hate this paragraph.

I’m not a big fan of the change. I’ll take it like a kid taking Nyquil.

Tank: Can I have 5 seconds to get aggro?
DPS: No. You suck.

Vote to kick placed and it passes.

New Tank: What happen to your tank?
DPS: He sucked. Hope you can keep aggro.

New Tank: Why do I always get the noob DPS when I use LFD?

What a twisted scenario.


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