Dismiss Pet is a Relic

I think it’s about time to get rid of the spell dismiss pet as a separate spell. It should be folded into the pet stable ability and it’s function should change slightly.

My idea is to have the spell be another slot in the pet stable. If you do not want a pet at all by your side you dismiss it. This does happen on rare occasion when not having a pet out can be helpful to completing a quest or in tight quarters when you need to sneak by someone/something with causing alarm.

With the abilities merged if you need to summon a different pet you just choose to summon that pet and the current one is replaced with it. It’s a streamlining of the system, making a two step process a one step process. I’m sure if I’ve thought about this, then a developer must have thought about it by now. I hope they make it so some time soon.

Merging the two spells would make hunter pet life just a little better.


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