Disabling Recount

I am more than a number. My responsabilities are more than a number. I am one part DPS, another part CC, and occasionally a tank. Recount can’t really count all of that.

Basically, I’ve reached a point as a player that I feel comfortable turning it off.

Does this mean I don’t care about how much damage I’m doing? It doesn’t. This decision does represent a different level of player maturity.

Recount has its place, but its measuring stick doesn’t need to be in my eye or shoved into the eye of another. For me, it’ll be active when I’m ringing up the numbers on a target dummy and real world test subjects.

I feel so much more free.


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  1. I have it installed, but rarely use it myself, never in actual combat. The reason I keep it around is specifically for testing purposes. Sometimes I modify a talent build, priority attack queue, gemming, new gear, etc and just want to see if it actually increases or lowers my dps.

    I always thought of it as a useful tool, but should not ever be used to judge another person on how they are performing. Like you said, everyone has multiple roles and duties in a fight, judging people purely on what dps output a tool is showing isn’t right.

  2. I’ve always felt that the damage meter was what started the elitist trends in WoW.

    I do use it though, As a tank to see if anyone is taking more damage than me or suddenly spikes. I’ll use it to show me my ralth graph when I die and to see what killed me. And I’ll use it when gearing my alts to see what kind of performance I can expect out of them.

    But I can live without it. And it’s not something I post on screen for everyone either.

  3. Health graph**

    (damn phone…!)

  4. @ Platimere and Zane/Channi,
    I’m glad you both understood where I was coming from. Talking about Recount or any DPS measurement tool seems to get people so bent out shape. The moment you question it you are often considered a lacking player.

    Recount is a good tool. Not great. Just good. It’s not the end all to be all measurement and it does have its place among addons when it is used.

    Get a new piece of gear; okay. Enable recount and hit that test dummy. Wanna see overall how the DPS is doing in a boss fight? Enable recount for a few rounds to see who could maybe be doing a better. Running it 24/7. Not really needed.

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