Been Thinking About Gear

I’ve been thinking. Yeah. That’s very dangerous. A hunter putting thought to some thing means some thing crazy is about to happen or be said.

Players often complain about looking like each other. No individualism within the game itself. What if this was all changed by changing the way we upgrade our gear?

Here is my idea. Instead of swapping to new gear, the drops that we get helps us upgrade our current gear. Maybe even have a choice of taking the new look gear and its benefits, or stripping it to use the parts to improve your current gear.

It’s a stretch I know. However, why not think a little outside the box? Some of us have been playing a long time and miss some of the uniqueness of the old gear. Think of the faction specific PVP gear that use to be so popular. I bought the bow with the Alliance emblem on it because it looks so awesome. I wish it was trully usable instead being a part of my historic bank armory. I have a small collection of old weapons that are awesome looking. If only there was a way to still make them useful.

This idea could be applied to armor as well. Think about being able to wear your favorite tier of gear from the old tiers. Some of that stuff was awesome looking. It’s a shame that it’s rarely seen in game anymore.

What do you think? Yay, nay, or I’m plum crazy?


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  1. I find that unless you’re in all, tier gear, not all your class looks the same. As odd as it may seem, I can easily be running around stormwind and see a toon and know it’s someone in my guild, and 9 times out of ten I am right.. solely based on the combination of gear they are wearing + race/class and their features… I’ve done it to your toon once or twice. It helps seeing the hunter and a particular pet out that I am use to seeing.

    • Very true. A lot of my pets are rares or hard to get, so I will stick out in most line ups. Right now I’m most likely one of the few lucky hunters that got the new ilevel 378 Ranseur of Hatred polearms. I’ll be a little more unique for a while.

      Themios the Darkbringer is an awesome looking bow, but what if I was partial to my Over-Powered Chicken Splitter’s more plain look? There is no way I don’t upgrade to the Themios. If I could strip it and add it’s abilities to the Over-Powered Chicken Splitter that would have been awesome. Other that example, some of the legendary weapons would not be in retirement right now if we were able to do this. Think about being able to still make use of Ilidan’s War Glaives. They look awesome, but don’t have the stats to even be usable in today’s content.

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