Pre-Patch 4.2 Thoughts

Another patch and another round of buffing and nerfing to us yea ole hunters. Yet we survive. Our notes gleaned from the official patch notes:

Multi-shot damage has been reduced. It now deals 120% weapon damage at level 80 or higher, down from 137%.

This saddens me, but this is more like a rap on the knuckles which is better than a full fledged bash to the cranium with the nerf bat.

Traps now scale with hunter stats such as hit, expertise, spell penetration and attack power as intended.

About time. I still wonder why expertise is in this note. It’s not a stat hunters concern themselves about at all.
Talent Specializations
Careful Aim now grants additional critical strike chance against targets over 90% health, up from 80% health.

Ooohhhh shiny (@tartdarling quote)
Black Arrow damage done has been increased by roughly 40%.

That’s a nice buff there. Good hunting my survival brethren.
10 new rare tamable beasts have been added, each of which provides a unique taming challenge. Will you be the first hunter to tame Deth’tilac, the rarest and most powerful of them all? Players will need to progress through the Hyjal Regrowth and Molten Front daily questing areas in order to unlock access to the full gamut of taming challenges.

Skarr is the only one of the new tamable beast that I want to add to my stable. He looks amazing.

Intervene (Pet Tenacity) has been redesigned. The pet runs at high speed toward a group member, reducing the damage done by the next melee or ranged attack made against them equal to 50% of the pet’s total health.

That’s a nice change.

The Aggressive pet stance has been removed and replaced with the Assist stance. This stance will cause the player’s pet to attack the player’s target. The pet will not change targets unless the master attacks a new target for a few seconds.

Pet Stance dancing will need to be learned. Some times I do want my pet with the off tank while I’m working with the main tank. At least there seems to be some built in grace period. This change will be interesting once it does go live.

The Defensive pet stance will now only cause the player’s pet to attack enemies which attack the pet or the master.

Back to it’s original design. Thanks for hearing us over an expansion later. 😛


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