WoW Championship Belt Aquired

I finally acquired one of those nice looking WoW Championship Belts for the Hunter Division. It’s also known as the Corded Viper Belt. I scored on the Auction House for just under 3.9k gold. They normally sell north of 4k gold. Of course I could not just leave it in its plain form. I added an Elementium Belt Buckle to add an extra gem slot. In both gem slots I inserted Delicate Inferno Rubies (+40 Agility).  By going with red gems, which is a hunter’s favorite gem color, I was also able to activate the gem slot bonus for +10 more agility. 323 agility is nothing to sneeze at.

My belt may not have a spinny thing like the WWE belt, but it feels like a great reward to oneself after downing two raid bosses tonight.

I maybe lagging behind in getting this item in some player’s minds, but never forget that everyone pays their subscription fee and plays at their speed. 🙂 An upgrade is an upgrade no matter when you get it. 🙂


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