Raising Winterspring

I’m glad Blizzard gave me a reason to go back to Winterspring. It’s such a nice zone with interesting pockets of adventure.

Blizzard updated the quest for acquiring the Reins of the Winterspring Frostsaber. Now you’re given a cub that you raise to become your mount. You raise your cub by doing a daily quest for him in Winterspring. The quests include making him a toy, training him to hunt and feeding him. It takes approximately 20 dailies from what I understand to grow your mount, and become exalted with the Winterspring trainers. Don’t worry, each daily you do grants you 1650 in rep for non-Humans. You’ll get exalted at the right time.

Before this change in the questing to get to exalted I was not going to bother getting the mount. However, this type of innovating to gain reputation and get the mount drew me in.

Some may say they don’t want to travel to Winterspring every day to do one daily quest. This is self-paced. You’re 20 days is your 20 days. Plus, I worked out the travel issue. I set my hearthstone to the inn in Overlook. To get back to Stormwind I use my TB tabard. From TB I take the portal to Stormwind. I also have my guild cloak that ports me to the Mage District. Travel is a non-issue. I think Engineers can just teleport themselves to Overlook if they are Goblin trained.

Go forth. Get your cub. Raise your cub. Mount up and ride out.


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