Limited Space, Rare Availablity

How large of a stable do hunters really need? It’s a question every hunter asks him or herself each time we venture out and find a pet that we want to add to the fold.  I find myself having to do catch and release sometimes.

Do I really need all four devilsaurs? Not really when I started thinking about it. So I released the more common one and added the rare white vulture Zaricotl to the stable.

What I am finding now is that a beast must be not tamed by many, a little hard to find or tame, or rare to be added to my stable. My number of rare tamed beast is going up after flat lining  for a long period.

The over arching problem is limited space for tamed beast. Will Blizzard increase the number of stable slots we have again. I doubt it, but I could be wrong. I mean really. It does come to a point where if you can fill every spot with a  rare, then maybe it is time for a larger stable to be put in or a complete stable overhaul that leads to unlimited slots. Actually, unlimited slots may lead to servers crashing under the weight of so many tamed beast. I jest, but it could be a technical issue of sorts.

The white carrion bird (vulture) in the picture? He’s a rare that spawns in the Badlands. His NPC name is Zaricotl. I know I said it earlier but taming rares is sweet. Prettiest vulture I have ever seen if that can really be said.


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