It’s not a Misdirection

I am writing again. I stepped away for bit because I did not have any thing I thought was worth writing about, should be, or needed to be said. Maybe it was boredom. Maybe it some other force such as real life with it’s interesting distractions. I don’t know. Just know that I’m not shuttering the place. Heck, I love my new theme and redesign to much to do such a thing. This is the most satisfied I’ve felt with this blog’s look since it was first launched.

This theme is so awesome I added to my other two blogs.

Will I go on hiatus again? Maybe. It’s always a possibility, but just like before I’ll let you know.

There are going to be some changes in my writing style. Before the theme change and my subsequent return to writing, I was holding my self to a 300 word minimum. Why? Because it was a good gaol at the time. If I wrote at least 300 words that meant I really thought about what I had to say, but it was also a hindrance. Some times you just don’t need to say much to say a lot. Basically, post will vary in length from now on.

The Kill Shot posts are back. However, they will not be every Tuesday as they were before. Instead, the Kill Shot posts will be more random and may include some text in the body as well.

You’ll notice that I added a new page called Stable. Sure you could look up my pets on my WoW armory page, but it’s not nearly as nice.

Lastly, but not least. Thank you to everyone visiting while I was not writing. It’s amazing that I was still getting 30 hits on some days when I was on hiatus. I guess I put of some good info that people have found helpful or at least refreshing to read. Thank you, I’m truly flattered.


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  1. Welcome back 🙂 love the new theme, it’s very very snazzy.

  2. Nochecazador

    Thank you very much. 🙂

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