High Priestess Kilnara – Fav New Fight

I have to say I love this fight. It’s my favorite thus far of the new dungeons. To defeat the High Preistess and her kitties we took the long safe route. It worked really well due to our group composition. We had a Death Knight tank, a Resto Druid, a Rogue, A Survival Hunter, and myself a Marksmanship Hunter.

After a short strategy discussion it was decided that we hunters would tank the cats while the tank took care of High Priestess Kilnara. Our Rogue danced between the two task helping with interrupts. I was set as the pulling hunter, therefore lead mini tank. Tenacity pets were the order of the day with growl turned on. Both hunters pulled out turtles. We could have done it one, but I wanted to be on the safe side with two since they were both available. To many crits and missed heal could spell trouble.

The fight was cake and it was not a lie. We took out all of the cats before phase two which starts when High Priestess Kilnara gets to 50% health. At 50% it was just a burn job on her.

When hunter tanking the cats in this fight remember to use a tenacity pet that does not have the Thunderstomp talent or take it off auto cast. It’s far easier to handle one cat at a time than it is to handle a pride.


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