Back to the Former MM Spec

Picking up Silencing Shot was not worth it. Dropping it to get the extra pet DPS back. While attempting to do ZA and ZG I found the Silencing Shot had really no great affect on the elite casters. As a hunter I’m better off having some increased DPS from my pet as I launch my attack from afar.

As of right now I can push out a 13.3K DPS average on Recount against the Raid Boss target dummy (Aspect of the Hawk, Trueshot Aura, Esscence of Cyclone procs, Demon Panther proc, Gnomish X-ray Scope procs, Rapid Killing activation, Hunter’s Mark, and Roar of Courage proc from my pet cat Hallowpoint). I did a five minute burn which allowed for the Demon Panther to be used twice.


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