Not a Joke – Gone Fishing

This is not a joke. I am not joking in the least bit. I am closing up shop for now.

I’m not leaving WoW. I’m just not blogging. I will not tear down, nor delete this blog. I may even come back to it. However, there is a lack of desire to write and not much I want to write about. Sure, I could hash through the changes that are in the pipe for hunters, but there are others that already do that. They do it well. I’m not the mathy type that theory crafts at every thing to the last decimal point. I’m just a hunter. It’s most likely why you, my readers liked this place. Sure I gave some info, but mostly I just wanted to present the fun side. WoW should not feel like work. At least most of the time I should not.

So what am I doing? Here is a break down:

Hunter – Raiding when my work and personal schedule permit, JC daily, and a few TB dailies. I love soloing Problim. Helping others when I can.
Shaman – Currently buddy leveling with Psynister’s shaman. 8 totems and Stormstrike times two makes devilsaurs cry.
Rogue – Slowly leveling without heirlooms and enjoying the Worgen life.
Warrior – Reminding me why I like the brutality of fury and freshly transferred over to get the fam back on one server.  She should see 85 in another week or two.
Mage – Deleted
Paladin – Deleted
Death Knight – Deleted

I’m writing a lot more on my personal blog if you want to keep up with me. I’ll probably talk about some of my gaming over there too, but it’s much more than just WoW.

I love you guys. This is more of a see you later, than a goodbye. 🙂


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  1. I’m lucky, I get to still see you in game!

    Totally understand the desire to stop writing when there’s not much to say. Here’s to having a great blog break!

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