Who’s Driving the Bus?

Who is driving the Developer Bus over at Blizzard? Some changes and thoughts are just bizarre to me and take the flavor right out of a class.  Let’s get a run down going.

From the latest Developer Q&A with players

Q: What do the developers think of the current state of hunters? (PVP balance) – Albevil (Europe [Spanish])
A: Hunters are good for very skilled players and particularly in Rated Battlegrounds. Our challenge has always been to make the class a little more forgiving to play in PvP at the medium level without making them unbeatable in the hands of a truly talented player. We think the recent changes, such as Auto Shot on the move and allowing Deterrence to prevent attacks that typically always hit, will help bridge that gap. We’re starting to discuss more whether hunters need the opportunity to do some damage in melee range instead of always focusing on escape. While the hunter is ultimately a ranged class, it is true that other casters can make the decision to keep casting while in melee range, even if they suffer consequences for doing so.

I’m like duh. Hunter’s have been screaming to the high heavens about this. Especially after the removal of Volley. Did we get some thing to replace Volley? Heck no. Did we get a dead zone removal? NO! Seriously, how hard is it to figure this stuff out? I would trade Raptor Strike in an instant to be able to blast someone in the face at point-blank range.

Latest PTR Build Change

Feed Pet now instantly restoring 50% of its total health. Cannot be used while in combat.

Really?! What in the Light’s name called for this change? Hunter’s have more pressing concerns and they want to change Feed Pet. Mend Pet does an overall job just fine. Glyph it and move on. Oh, people, don’t want to glyph it any more? Then make the ability itself better. Don’t change another ability.

The removal of pet happiness as a DPS factor is another thing that I’m slightly confused about. We’re hunters with pets. You take care of and bond with you pet. I like the responsibility. Let me put it like this. I like playing Grand Turismo because it a simulation, but when I want just knock out arcade action I can throw on Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. It seems the developers are taking us towards the all arcade action scene, which for players that like the little intricacies of the class, sucks the life right out of the game.

Final Thought

I’m left thinking that these changes and non-changes are in place or potentially in place because the people working on them don’t have an attachment to the class core. I don’t mean they don’t care about the class, but there is some thing missing from them. A certain intrinsic value that would give them the ability to see things as a hunter in-game does. What is really broken? What really works well? What could use a little tuning? What would expand without duplicating an ability from another class?


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