If It Comes to Pass

If the announced Death Knight change comes to pass with the release of patch 4.10 then this expansion may just be my last go round for World of Warcraft.

The PTR Note:
Death Knight (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)
x Raise Ally has been redesigned to be a battle resurrection, analogous to Rebirth. It is instant cast, but costs 50 Runic Power to use, and has a 10-minute cooldown. It shares the same global battle resurrection cap with Rebirth and Soulstone.
MMO Champion

I don’t understand the want, desire, nor thought process that would bring this change even to concept. Frankly it kind of goes against the lore behind Death Knights. The key word here being death. Currently Raise Ally brings the person back as a zombie for 5 minutes. Perfect. Death Knights can raise the dead. Maybe give that person their normal abilities once raised.

Raised Alley is a little used ability and the change is most likely meant to make it a more used ability. The few times I used it on my Death Knight the person it was used on was not expecting it and just stood there in zombie from doing nothing. It’s a cool ability, but not understood. Instead of making the ability better within itself and educating the player base Blizzard is changing to be like the ability of the Druid class. This is homogenization done wrong in my opinion.

Why am I as a hunter concerned about this? Because I have seen it happen to my class with the ability Camouflage. I like the ability, but fact is that I use it just like a rogue uses stealth. I just became a ranged rogue with a vicious pet. There is a time limit that I can stay in camouflage, but reality is if I can get in and stay in while just setting traps, I can cause a lot of mayhem. Personally, I use it to get around mobs I rather not deal with. It’s a time saver for me when mining.

As a hunter I can do without Camouflage or even an inventive change to it to make it more hunter like instead of rogue like. I know Blizzard has some bright people working on this game we like, but some of their class decisions of just sharing abilities across the board is more hurtful than good. If all classes have the same abilities, why choose any class at all? Heck, give my hunter the ability to switch to rogue mode for close quarters combat while you’re at it.

I have alts, but if they all play the same by virtue of ability homogenization, then their value is reduced to me. When their value is reduced, then the overall value of the game is reduced. Reality is I can only do so much that will keep me entertained with one character for so long. Boredom sets in quickly and I’m looking for another fixation.

If this change passes for death knights then WoW falls a few rungs on my ladder of entertainment choices. Enough of a fall that I can spend my $15 a month on something else. I’ll miss my guild and other things within the game, but with individualism being stripped mined from the game there is no point in continuing. We already look like each other gear wise. If I stand beside an enhancement shaman without my pet out the only difference between us may be weapon choice. Otherwise we look exactly the same. Why?

I hope the death knight change does not happen.


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  1. Why? “Bring the player, not the class” – that’s why.

    If all of the classes are the same then you can bring whoever you want to your raid and still do just fine. It reaches their goal of making content available to a wider range of players because you don’t have to turn someone down now because their class can’t do what Bob’s class can.

    As for this particular change – a brez? Seriously? Like we don’t already have enough of that from the druids/shamans/warlocks that are taking up the other slots in the raid? On the one hand, I do like that it’s instant cast and goes off of RP rather than runes, allowing the tank to brez his healer on the fly, but this one does seem to be quite a stretch on the lore that they cling so desperately to otherwise.

    Dumbing down the classes and simplifying talent trees (as well as forcing you to stay in one for 31 points) is a big drawback to WoW right now and one of the most frequently discussed reasons of why people are leaving WoW for other games.

    • “Bring the player, not the class” /sigh

      Why even have classes at this point? This proposed change just has me down.

      It’s like when a mage hits Time Warp or a hunter uses the core hound ability. I start looking around for the shaman. It just leads to a bunch of confusion when signature abilities are spread to other classes that they just seemed shoved into for the sake of “Bring the player, not the class.”

      I actually started leveling my DK with the anticipation of transferring him along with a race change. Scratch that if he’s going to be druid lite edition. I’m a death dealing frost/unholy wielding machine. You want to come back to life? You do so as a rotting corpse. I guess we can #blamedeathwing.

      I caved to the lock in for the talent trees, figuring it was to force people to learn a tree before expanding and picking up random talents and abilities. Nothing like getting a pally w/o Avengers Shield due to taking some holy talent that is worthless for tanking. That use to happen a lot.. Effectively I see it as something for new players, but punishes old players that had hybrid builds that served a particular purpose.

      I haven’t been playing as long as some, but I sense an end coming due in part to all classes over lapping so much.

      The stagnation of a world that Deathwing is trying to destroy also baffles me. I honestly don’t feel any threat. It’s just weak. Have him show up in SW and wipe the place. Make the player base mad at him. Things are just mundane. Wait, I forgot. The auction house mini gamers will cry to the heavens to stop the action. It’s interfering with their mini-game.


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