Is This Thing On?

Yes, this thing is on. I just have had little to write about. I do have a couple of ideas that have been brewing for a while. Alas those ideas are still in the brewing stage.

Yes, I am still playing, but at a lesser rate of time. I’m still working on maxing my jewelcrafting profession and getting gear upgrades when I can.

The 4.06 patch has been good for marksmanship and beastmastery. Aimed Shot hits like a full cement truck falling from atop the Empire State Building. Seeing 40k+ crits seem to be the norm. My personal best seems to be about 54k. Talk about going from no threat to instant threat in a flat 2.4 seconds. It makes life a little harder on tanks. Beastmastery feels very smooth. I like it.

I am running dungeons within the comfy confines of my guild. PUGs suck. For every successful one there seem to be nine failures. The sometimes 40 minute wait time for a DPS slot does not help one bit.

There seems to be less hunters these days. That’s okay. Hopefully the remaining ones are doing well in our craft of hunting.

I’ll try to get back on the once a week posting track, but I make no promises.

Thank you for continuing to read.


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  1. Keep the good work up mate.

    • Thank you. I’ve got a couple of posts in the think tank. For now I’ll most likely being going weekly unless major inspiration strikes.

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