Nuramoc Joins the Stable

This tame was a little tricky since he flies a little high and fast. He flies at 60% flying mount speed and we bypassed each other at first. It took a minute for me to track him down, but he’s quite large prior to taming.

One trick that I read about was he spawns normally when one of the other rare spawns do. Sure enough that’s what happened. I killed the humanoid rare. Got a nice level 66 cloak with a nice chunk of agility, hit and stamina on it. I then flew into Nuramoc’s known pathing locations. NPC gave the alert and I started looking around really hard. Good thing Netherstorm is basically empty these days. I think I may have been the only one in the zone.

He’s the only flying pet that I have and desire currently . One stable slot left. I will most likely be waiting beyond patch 4.06 to fill it, unless there are some new tameable beast we do not know of yet.

His new name is Netherwing.


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