Why Hunt Rare Pets to Tame?

Why do hunters takes out the time to hunt rare beast to tame as pets?

Hunters search for individuality. A way to stand out and be seen amongst the sea of others. One can compare it to car customization done right. All hunters end up in the same gear at one point or another. At least close enough the if we stood side by side we can’t be told apart from each other. Don’t forget we share armour and some weapons with enhancement shaman too.

We don’t have the option of re-coloring our gear. If it could be done I would be one of the first in line. In lue of such we tame rare pets.

Taming a rare pet requires mostly two things. Those things are luck and patience. My personal experience is more patience than luck, but luck does play a part.

Hunters tame rare beast to stand out in the crowd when we are amongst each other and other players. We are the only class that can tame and name beast.

There is a negative side as with some things. I’ve seen many a hunters try rubbing it ins the face of other hunters when they have tamed rare beast. Like taming a rare beast is proof of your hunting prowess. Those that do this need to grow up. I’m not talking about making a one time post on a blog, or announcing it in a chat. I’m talking about showing up and basically flashing every rare you have in front of another hunter that may be hunting a rare of his/her own. No conversation, just summon, dismiss, summon, and dismiss showing off. This has happened to me on several occasions and I wanted to reach through the Internet and punch the person in the face.

Taming a rare pet gives me some thing else to do. It’s a game within the game. I don’t always win immediately, but I certainly don’t lose. I do research trying to figure out spawn times, best locations to camp, and which spec I need to use, Marksmanship or Beastmastery to complete the taming process.

Perhaps the biggest reason to tame rare beast is the adrenaline rush you get and the associated euphoria once the tame begins and is completed. Only a few other moments compare to it in the game.


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