It’s Good to be a Hunter

Reasons I enjoy being a hunter:

  • I get to really use ranged weapons.
  • The numerous pet choices and looks.
  • I have multiple roles to play in a group (crowd control, damage output, last man standing, pet group buff, Aspect of the Pack escape speed boost).
  • Fearing Druids. It’s akin to cow tipping in real life.
  • Buh bye Mana. I has Focus now.
  • Agility is such an awesome stat to build on.
  • Hunters can be just about any race.
  • We can be both the hero and the villain in one fell swoop.
  • We shoot things.
  • Other players admire our ability and patience to tame rare beast.
  • We are never alone due to our pets.
  • Pet buffs.
  • Cool looking weapons.
  • Our choice of crafting profession normally benefits us greatly.
  • We bring extra damage to the group setting with our pets.
  • Hunters can name their pets, even honoring other players in doing so.
  • We are the only ranged class to have physical damage as its primary damage causing method.

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  1. Don’t forget FD, to save money on the inevitable wipe.

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