And From Fire Yea Shall be Tamed

I am very pleased to welcome Terrorpene, now known as Cynderblock, namesake for a tanking alt of the wise Cynwise.

The taming of Cynderblock is a long story. I first saw and tried to tame him the day after the Cataclysm launch. He killed me 12 times, cost me about 100 gold in repairs, and left me with a bruised ego. A hunter not being able to tame a beast. Shameful. Especially a rare.

I didn’t know Terrorpene had a fire ability as an NPC that could burn you to a crisp if you did not have enough health or haste to complete the tame. The first time I got very close once out of 12 tries and felt cheated by the computer/server that I didn’t get the tame. Therefore I could not be one of the first on the server with him in my possession. I decided to level to 85 and then return for the hunt.

Last week I flew into the Throne of Flame just to see another hunter finish taming him. Sigh. Another missed chance. Knowing that his timer is erratic did not help. I congratulated the hunter and readied my self for the stake out, otherwise known as camping.

Today, I come home from class. Log on, joke to the guild in chat that I want my turtle to show up, and BAM. He does just that 10 yards from me. I was already petless so I commenced to the taming. Another hunter flew overhead and watched. He’s mine finally I was thinking. After the Tame I wrote BINGO in guild chat and every said that was fast. Nothing but smiles here.

Unfortunately my screenshot during the taming did not take. I used no haste potions, or food buffs. He is immune to traps too. It was a brute force tame of my health versus his damage output. He knocked off about 50k of my health. I know from experience that he can do more damage, upwards of a full 60k if he gets a couple of crits from his fire ability. Any level 85 hunter should be able to tame him with ease, unless your naked once you find him. If you do tame him naked, please provide pics as proof. 😛

Tame Time: 9:55pm on Durotan


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  1. The major trick that makes Terrorpene easy to tame is that Burning Hatred, his high-output attack is quadruple-reduced by Fire Resistance.

    I tamed him after a solid 19 hour camp (over 2 days) at 81 with just north of 40k HP. Kings drums and a Prismatic Elixir put me at about 180 FR, and with that, every haste cooldown I could muster, and Deterrence at the start of the tame, I came out of it with about 4k HP and a new tuddle. 😛

    • Nice knowledge. Most are not as prepared if they don’t know his abilities or just drop in for a check and there he is. Nice planning and congrats. He is an awesome looking pet and I’m glad he’s not exotic.

      Does he appear larger than other turtles to you too? Maybe it just an angle I was at, but he appeared slightly larger than a normal one while I was in the auction house.

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