Mentality Adjustment

I find myself having to go through a mentality adjustment with the game currently. I’m use to gearing up, buffing up, flasking up, enchanting gear, gemming gear, leveling pets, and every other thing needed to be done to be successful when playing.

I’m not use to failure.

I’m not use to a boss looking down on my dead corpse time after time, mocking and laughing at me. “What a waste of pixels you are. You were not prepared. Go back to your resources and L2play loser.”

Wait a minute. I’m no failure. My mentality is a weak link and it has to change. The fact is as an individual I can do every thing just right on WoW and still fail. It’s known as a Gear Check.

Gear iLevel may start the race, but it doesn’t guarantee you’ll finish the race. Does this mean you failed? No. It means you go get what ever it is you can find as an upgrade and go back to wax that boss’ butt.

Lately, I’ve been feeling bad because dungeon runs just don’t always get finished. This goes mostly for heroic mode 5 mans right now. We hit a boss, and even if we know what will happen during the fight, we just can’t seem to get it done. Gear Check.

WoW has always had some sort of Gear Check in place. The thing that has changed over time is how hard that check may be and when it really kicks in. Because of the below the raid level playing I was doing, hitting a Gear Check was kind of rare. Not so much now.

Raid style fights have been introduced to 5 man heroic level dungeons. You can cheat the gear iLevel to get in, walk in, or be just above the required gear iLevel. Welcome to a world of possible hurt. Especially to your ego.

You may or may not complete the dungeon. Most likely you will get to one boss that makes Swiss cheese out of your group constantly. This bothered me to no end. So much so I had to just log out. My enrage timer was hit.

I apologize to my guild if I went off to much, or cried about the difficulty of a fight to much. There was no need for such, as I reflect upon it now. I’ll improve my gear, enchants, gemming, and we will go back and pimp slap the bosses that are giving us fits.

Am I blaming myself for a group failure. No, but I always look at self first, before even thinking about hanging out others to dry. What can I do to make the group better next time?

What is the most positive out of all of this? Even if you don’t beat all of the bosses, you are still gaining reputation (You’re wearing a faction tabard right?) for the trash mobs and bosses you do kill. You are also gaining Justice/Valor points for your boss kills. Those two will lead to gear upgrades that will lead to the kill that is desired.

How much patience do you have to reach your goals? Are you willing to change your mentality to do so and bring back some joy to the game?


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