Time for a Respec

The time has come for a respec of my Marksmanship and Beastmastery specs. Why? I have a couple of  good reasons.

My past Marksmanship spec gave me great boom, but left my pet Focus starved. A Focus starved pet is a low damage output pet. I did some research and chose what is a more balanced Marksmanship spec that does not leave my pet so low on potential damage out put due to a lack of Focus. The new build required that I drop Silencing Shot. I don’t like dropping it, but hopefully the increase in pet damage will more than make up for the lack of it. In a PVP build I would not be dropping Silencing Shot. It’s the anti-caster shot.

My Beastmastery spec was built for PVP, but I’m not doing any PVP at this time. I have switched things around to a better PVE build. In dungeons I noticed the former PVP build lacked in damage output greatly. My Marksmanship spec was ahead by about 2,000 DPS on average. That was a shame and I was not getting the flexibility I wanted, nor what may be needed depending on the situation. The biggest change was providing the hunter with more bang. The pet is still the major part of damage output, but I should be throwing some stones now instead of pebbles.

Hopefully these changes will also bring the two specs more in line with potential damage output. My expectation is for Marksmanship to remain ahead, but Beastmastery will close the gap more than it did. If both builds end up being with 500 – 700 DPS of each other I’ll be very happy. Possible? Maybe, maybe not. It’ll be fun to find out though.


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