Thoughts on Twilight Highlands

  • If you love dwarfs, you’ll love this zone. If you don’t love dwarfs, you will love them after this zone.
  • I wish there had been an announcement of the wedding, I would have worn my suit instead of my armour.
  • Finally, there is the Alliance vs. Horde conflict I’ve been waiting for.
  • There is a beer run. There is more than one beer run. We’re talking dwarfs here. You expected them to be sober?
  • “Lumps in all the right places.”
  • “arse like an anvil.”
  • I laughed a lot reading the quest. Take the time to do the same.
  • A PVE area with PVP implications. Blizzard maybe on to something here. They have tried it before, but with actual NPC involvement it could work on a larger scale if done just right. Thundermar is a test in my opinion.
  • I wonder about the profession trainers that are available. Did Blizzard intend for us to be spending a lot more time in the zone than we did?
  • I like the quest flow and phasing. The zone is very alive with action.
  • SI:7 gets owned. That was funny to watch.
  • Is the 7th Legion still in Northrend?
  • The last quest is awesome.

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  1. I gotta say, when a mob is named “so-and-so the pant-stealer” I laughed myself silly. For me, this created such a contrast with Uldum which was bursting at the seams with unnecessary and distracting movie, history, and pop culture themes. Twilight highlands was funny, original, and refreshing.

    Even if you are already 85, finish this zone. You need the rep and the gear.

    Also, I demand dwarf tattoos. It needs to happen.

    • Most will be 85 by the time they get here, but you’re so right about finishing it. It’s worth the time and effort.

      Dwarf tattoos? I didn’t think about that one. I could see that happening for sure.

  2. Dwarf Hunter since vanilla 🙂 Best zone ever. The wedding quest line is the best quest line ever. Dwarf tatoos would be awesome

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