Thoughts on Uldam

  • Almost to many cut scenes for me.
  • I can see only wanting to do this zone once or coming back maybe a month afterwards.
  • Quest linking from hub to hub could use some work.
  • This zone is Humongous. It has a lot of desert to cross.
  • The Indiana Jones paradoy is interesting. Not to over done, but close to the edge.
  • Where were the Horde?
  • The fireball killing leper gnome quest should have been a daily.
  • Why are there so few daily quest?
  • Halls of Origination was neat the first few times I ran it. It does have a slightly above average re-run ability.
  • The camel riding combat in Halls of Origination is how vehicle combat should have been done in the first place. However, riding the camel is a serious DPS lost for Beastmastery hunters due to not having your pet available.
  • The Vortex Pinnacle is my new hate (Lack of direction for those new to it). When I first ran it I thought it needed to be nerfed. However, I got some gear upgrades and it feels just right now.

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  1. Glad you wrote that about the camel riding in HoO. First PuG I did it with, everyone got on a camel to fight. Figured you had to. Was bugged about the pet, but whatever. Next time I did it with a few guildees I was the only one that got a camel and I couldn’t get off. They all thought it was hilarious that I was on a camel.

    What gives about the camels? What’s the point?

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