Thoughts on Deepholm

  • Awesome zone! It’s Hellfire 2.0.
  • The look of the zone shows what Blizzard could do if they were to concentrate on an outer space MMO.
  • Miners rejoice and bust some nodes.
  • It’s another big zone.
  • Dwarven women are ruthless.
  • You do get the feeling that you are far away from any normal area of Azeroth.
  • At least there is some form of Alliance and Horde conflict here.
  • The battle aboard the drake was awesome. I really enjoyed kicking that guy’s butt after the chase.
  • A lot of the quest rewards are awesome. The bow that a hunter can get is only beaten by a few dungeon drops.
  • She’s not a player, she just crushes a lot.
  • Stonecore was fun the first five times. Now it’s ho-hum on normal mode.

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