The Game Done Change

This is not the same WoW that I started playing mid-way through Burning Crusade. This is not the same as the old timers from Vanilla days. The game has changed for better or worst depending upon your opinion.

Leveling is as easy as buying a Coke at your local corner store. Your time investment basically determines your reward.

There is no more braving the Wetlands if you’re Draenei or Night Elf, to get sword training in Stormwind. You remember the trip from Darkshore via boat to Menethil Harbor. Then it was the long suicide run on foot/hoof to Ironforge to get the tram to Stormwind. Kinda fun, kinda tedious, but a feat you could hang your hat on. No title, just bragging rights. I did it with a rogue in stealth almost the whole way. I wanted sword training real bad.

We use to spend a lot of time walking. Now we don’t. At level 20 we ride in fashion and a few of us get abilities that boost our running speed at level 16.

We no longer have to scour the world for flightmasters if you are a low-level player. You get a quest that flies you to each one. It’s so easy a…….noob could do it. I forgot to mention that flightmasters are now marked on the map.

We can fly everywhere. Cheers to that move. I do still use my ground mount every so often just to enjoy the scenery, and it’s easier at times. Let me not forget that all mounts scale to your highest riding skill too. My old mounts now get use to (I use a random mount macro).

No more ammo needed for ranged weapons. I had a mixed feeling about this at first, but after completing Hyjal, Deepholm, and several dungeon runs, I’m thankful for the change. I do advise hunters to carry a backup ranged weapon in case of emergency. I had my primary break on me during a series of dungeon runs. Swapped to my backup and I was back in action.

Graphically, the game has grown. I should actually say matured. This will not run well, if at all on your Mom’s ten-year old Dell that she uses to check email type letters on. The shadowing, lighting, and other affects are awesome.

The cutscenes, though some loathe them, help to drive quest stories along. I like them, but I do hope Blizzard never over does them.

The Burning Legion makes an appearance which means the Draenei story should move along in the future. I’m thankful for that. Maybe the Legion makes a reappearance sooner than we think. Think about it. A Deathwing versus Burning Legion smackdown. I’d love to see that. Destruction or enslavement? Choose your side.

There are a few things that annoy me. First, I tamed Loqu to have a boomcat, he is rare and awesome looking. His boom is replaced with a heal. Blizzard neutured my boomcat. A healing Loqu doesn’t have an air of fear to it like a boomcat Loqu does. Give me back my boomcat. It was as close to taming a druid I could get. His name, Viper, barely fits at this point. So sad.

Second, there are some quest return point gaps. You get to what you think is the end of the line, but really you need to go back to the quest giver to pick up a new quest.

I like the quest in dungeons, but it’s annoying with go-go tanks that don’t want to wait for you to pick them up. Maybe there should be an auto accept like in the starter low-level zones.

Third, I think leveling maybe to fast. With all of the ways to earn experience you can level at an insane rate. This leads to players exhausting the content to fast. Then they sit around and complain about being bored. We should be able to govern our own progress as players, but maybe Blizzard needs to be more proactive for our own good.

Overall, I’m having fun with Cataclysm. I hope it’s designed for the long haul.

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