Thoughts on Hyjal

I’ve completed all of the quest in the Mount Hyjal zone. Here are some of my thoughts.

  • Holy freakin’ Batman respawn rate. I understand that Blizzard did not want people lacking for mobs to kill for quest, but .5 seconds for a respawn rate is kind of insane. Looting became a sport unto itself.
  • The quest setup flowed very well from one part of the zone to the next.
  • More places need stable masters.
  • The colors pop very well. My wife, who does not play, was impressed.
  • The mail upgrades from quests in this zone were more suited to Shaman most of the time.
  • There is not a single quest that you can not solo.
  • Not paying attention to your toolbar on certain quest can cost you your life. Nice one Blizzard. I died 3 times due to that. Thanks to Wowhead I didn’t die a forth time.
  • The FedEx factor was low, which was good.
  • It was awesome seeing so many players in the zone. The place was really alive.
  • There is some well placed phasing.
  • There is an outhouse. Some of you will be disappointed.
  • The disguise was lacking. Blizzard could have done better.
  • The amount of quests is just right.
  • Hunters, I suggest using a tenacity pet due to the mob spawn rate. Make sure the pet has Thunderstomp and use intimidation when you can. Beastmastery also seems more suited for the fast respawn rate of the mobs.
  • The vehicle combat is better than in WotLK. Thank the Heavens it was only for one quest chain.
  • Free non combat companion available. I like it.
  • Ogres are smarter now.
  • You mess with Mother Nature and Mother Nature will mess with you.
  • Blame the Night Elves, but don’t hold it against them.
  • Deathwing!

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