Double Core Hound!…Double Core Hound!

I have some sound advice for all World of Warcraft players. Add an authenticator to your account as soon as you can. Protect the things within this game world that you have invested so much time into. With the way Cataclysm has shaken things up you really may want to get an authenticator if you do not have one. You may have items in your possession that are no longer available in game due to changes. Think about losing that stuff and maybe not being able to get it all back.

Yes, account security should be taken so seriously. If you do not want to get the key fob, then you can get the mobile app for most phones. Don’t stand still thinking that you are not at risk. By the very virtue of being on the Internet you are at risk. Everyone can be careful, but being careful is not enough. Having the attitude of it will never happen to me is not enough. For some players, losing 6 years worth of time investment could be heartbreaking if not depressing.

As a hunter I have a couple of pets in my stable that are not longer available to be tamed in the game. I also a a few rare spawn pets that took days, weeks, and months of time to tame. Losing them would most likely make me cry. However, I’m authenticated.

Being authenticated is not the end all to be all, but it’s better than nothing at all. Don’t fool yourself thinking your password is the best ever produced, even if produced by some random generator. All passwords can be hacked eventually. Key word being eventually.

If you don’t get an authenticator, then don’t be surprised to find your bank, your guild’s bank, and other characters all cleaned out, left dirt poor, with every thing that can be auctioned off gone. It’s a brutal truth.

When you do protect your account with an authenticator you get a cute little core hound pup for all of your characters too. Double core hound! Double core hound! It’s a hunter thing. We can tame The Beast, whom the pup is based upon.

Do not give some sadistic stranger, evil significant other, deranged parent, or enterprising noob the opportunity to ruin your playing experience. Take precautions not to be that person that is just another number in the long list of those that have had their accounts compromised.

Update: I left out the website link for security. Here it is –


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