Gnome Hunter Found!

Gnome hunters are rare. You have to have a lot of patience to find one. You can recognize them once you do find one due to the space suit. Gnome hunters can not breath the air of Azeroth any longer. This is one of the reasons they are so rare.

Gnome hunters were once plentiful. However, the previous events of Gnomergan, were thought to have wiped them out along with any history of their existence. The radioactive fallout changed many of them that did survive. Some of them have come out of hiding now that part of Gnomergan has been reclaimed. If you see one I suggest snapping a picture. You may not see another one for a very long time and not in the same place.

This particular one was hanging out waiting to tame King Krush. I guess you could call it a rare attraction. I doubt if I go back there I will see him still there. 😛

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