Unstable Stable

I thought I knew what beasts I wanted in my stable, but oh boy has Blizzard ever done a good job of making me change my mind. Various skin changes, beasts that were once not tamable, now becoming tameable, etc. I’m also looking over pet abilities as far as play style goes and their buffs within group situations.

Taking away Loque’nahak’s Spirit Strike saddens me. That ability was so much fun to see in action. I really hope it’s restored in the future. I quite enjoyed having my own boomcat. I’ve not used the new healing replacement. I feel kind of meh about it. I want my boomcat back.

I wonder if there are any tamable beasts that Blizzard has not revealed to the community at this time.

If you happen to see some strange electric part wolf, part dinosaur beast roaming the basin don’t blame me. I had no control over the situation. It was all quite shocking, and very screenshot worthy.

Another observation that I have had is that your pets maintain their talent point distributions online even when in the inactive stable for long periods of time. Stabling a pet for a long period of time will reset their talent points, but the online summary for the pet does not update again until you log out with the pet in your active stable.

If you have not checked out the new armory for your hunter over at Battle.net you need to. It’s awesome. If you brag that you’ve tamed all of the spirit beasts, players can easily check now. Don’t lie. The new armory makes the old armory look so 2000.


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