Thoughts After the New Experience

Her are some of my thoughts about the state of hunters before the Shattering happens.

  1. Being a hunter is fun.
  2. Being a hunter takes work. DPS does not come as easy as it use to.
  3. We will be using more of our utility abilities.
  4. Can I have five more stable slots? Just kidding. The extra space is really cool though.
  5. We still need a dead zone shot or ability.
  6. This community is still strong.
  7. I still think some of the cost vs. output ratios are off slightly for a few shots. This will change hopefully. It could also just be a reflection of tuning.
  8. Beastmastery with a devilsaur is crazy fun in PVP.
  9. The pet talent Wild Hunt may need to be reworked. It seems to be a DPS loss most of the time if you can’t keep you pet above 50% Focus. IT would be a shame for it to become a forgettable last tier pet talent.
  10. Remember to set your hearth to some where other than Dalaran. Bye bye portals. Kind of sad, but okay. I’ll be in Ironforge.
  11. Being a part of a good guild can be very important. Thank you Amicus Fidelis for allowing me to join after my transfer. I’m having a ball.
  12. Hunters can still be aggro thieves due to critical shots. Always have MD (Misdirection) and FD (Feign Death) at the ready.
  13. We still need a couple more spaces on our pet bar.
  14. I miss Eyes of Beast now. It was good for taking screenshots of your pet only. It’s how I did the header for this blog.
  15. I’ll be glad to get off the Steady Shot bandwagon. Bring on Cobra Shot for something a little different.
  16. I’m having a small cataclysm here with a minor revamp for some pages just in case you notice a couple missing. They’ll be back.

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