Pre Cata Bosses Hunter Loot

Here is a run down of the loot that the Pre Cataclysm bosses are dropping. If you have been raiding for some time most of the gear will not be an upgrade. If you have not been raiding, then there are some decent upgrades over badge/justice point choices. Personally, the Amulet of the Centauri and Sulfuron’s Favor were upgrades for me. I got both in less than 10 attempts.

Neck – Amulet of the Centaur
Finger – Sulfuron’s Favor
Back – Cloak of Mocking Winds
Legs – Sacrificial Mail

The best upgrades out of the four are the for the neck and the finger.  If you have the Recovered Scarlet Onslaught Cape, then skip the cloak. If you have Ahn’Kahar Blood Hunter’s Legguards, then skip the legs, or get them as I did and put them aside. The Sacrificial Mail has an extra gem slot which could come in handy later once you break your T10 set. If you only have two pieces of T10, and one of those pieces is not the legs, then the Sacrificial Mail can be an upgrade.

When gemming the ring and necklace I went with the +20 Delicate Cardinal Ruby in both ignoring the socket bonuses. One could also swap in a haste gem if needed.


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