Subtraction that Equates to Addition

Recently I subtracted my self from the realm of Misha moving to Durotan. With the move I joined the guild Amicus Fidelis. I have to say it was some of the best addition that has been done in a long time. I should have done it sooner. I got the chance to go on my first real raid. So I can no longer say I don’t raid. LOL.

Samsonknight still needs to make the move to Durotan as well. His move will happen in the near future, most likely after the Cataclysm.

Another subtraction that has taken place is the retirement of characters. Noirwolf, the paladin, retired. Monssoen, the warrior, retired. Splendor, the mage, is semi retired. She will serve in Samsonknight’s place until his arrival. Why the retirements? I want to focus on being an even better hunter at this time. That’s not to say I was slack before, but I’m in a different place and time now. Others may seriously be depending on my ability to do things and to know when to them. Guild life is very different from solo life.

Things as far as my playing goes became huntercentric along the time this blog started. Before, I was just logging on and doing whatever. However, I like direction, and the more I got into the hunter class, the more I liked it. For me the hunter is the class to play constantly. I get to enjoy melee and ranged aspects of the game. Melee? Yes, melee. Don’t sleep on the pet. The pet is our melee portion of fighting. It has a satisfying feeling to it if you can ever just sit back and watch your pet in action. “Bite his head off Chomp!”

Playing other classes does provide insight into their mechanics, which can be very valuable in certain situations. I will most likely pick up two more classes to play a lot later on, but for now there is much to do as a hunter. I can say with certainty that Noirwolf will stay retired. Paladin mechanics feel so foreign now it would be best for me to start all over. Monssoen could come out of retirement. Warriors smash things. It’s fairly simple.

A hunter and a death knight walk into a bar…..


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