Intimidation…Rogues Hate It

I’ve been doing more PVP (Player vs. Player) recently and the decision was made to do so as Beastmastery.

Right now, Chomp, my devilsaur, is my pet of choice to take into battle with me. There is some thing very satisfying seeing him kick, headbutt, and bite the heads off of the opposition. I witnessed him put out a 10k hit once. Amazing.

I had a rogue jump all over me while I was focusing on someone else. Stun locked, I thought I was finished. Suddenly, Chomp was back and all up in the rogue’s grill. The rogue ignored Chomp until I hit the Intimidation ability. Guess who was in control now?! I Disengaged for some distance and let fly with Concussion Shot, Serpent Sting, and Beastial Wrath. Bye bye rogue. I think he was shocked and mad at the same time to be killed by someone he thought was a completely free HK (Honor Kill).


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