Marksmanship Take II

After writing Marksmanship is Ugly Right Now I was put in touch with fellow Marksmanship Hunter Rilgon. Rilgon was in the Cataclysm Beta testing phase, and is one of the most well-known Marksmanship hunters in the hunter community.  He advised me of adjustments to make and a respec to do changing to 2/31/3 which has brough him success during raiding and his own testing.So why should I trust Rilgon. He’s got the numbers to back up what he says If I want to see the numbers. Not only that, he understands that not everyone is playing at the same level, but there are things that are benifiicial to Marksmanship hunters no matter what arena you decide to play in.

Do not follow blindly, but follow with intellect, and try to understand some choices.

Thus far on the Elite Boss Test Dummy in Ironforge I managed to get almost 5k solid DPS with a few Kill Commands thrown in during a 5 minute burn. A test dummy is not live, but from what I did I expect to be near or slightly above my previous of 5K on 5 man heroic level bosses. I’ll get more consistent as I get use to the shot priority and other responsibilities in a group environment.

I have acquired the base T10 helm and pants. I can’t say I’m a big fan of the rhino look, but it’ll do for now. I can always turn the helm off. I slaughtered many a Horde to get a new weapon as well. I got a gun!

I am now using the Wrathful Gladiators Rifle. Bang bang baby. It packs way more punch than the Felglacial Bolter and the arena rating requirement to purchase it is no longer in effect. I’m still good on Hit Rating, but I have the plus hit glove enchant just in case I need it.

I still have not tried reforging for mastery yet. I am just a hair over 50% ranged crit rating, and it’s suggested that I not be below that. With Cataclysm mere weeks away better gear is on the horizon, so I’m in no major rush.  Understanding Marksmanships mechanics is more important. I think it’s still clunky as compared to before 4.01. Hopefully in time things will smooth out.

Back to my regulary scheduled killing of dungeon fodder with a new mix of splitting some Horde wigs (I don’t PVP much, but get on good runs every now and then).

Shout out to @tinkerpriest for getting @Rilgon and I together to help me get back on the right path. Thanks Rilgon for stopping by and helping out myself and my readers. Much appreciated. 🙂

P.S.: I changed one prime glyph. I dropped the Serpent Sting for the Arcane.


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