Marksmanship Is Ugly Right Now

Marksmanship is ugly right now. There is no way around it. I don’t even know how a spec that was so smooth for so long got so messed up DPS wise and released for public consumption.

In four shots to start off a fight I’m Focus starved. That makes no sense when Marksmanship is all about the shots. Marksmanship has the greatest array of shots and should be hitting harder shot wise than say Beastmastery. This is not to say that Beasmastery should not be able to do similar DPS, but both specs get their DPS numbers in different ways.

Aimed Shot is worthless unless you get an instant cast of it. A 3 second cast for just a slightly more than 3k hit and high Focus cost. What a waste.

Multi Shot costs a lot of Focus, but really the damage we are getting from it right now is not worth the Focus cost.

You can’t get into any kind of DPS groove without becoming Focus starved. That’s  a shame and I really wonder who the heck was beta testing the Marksmanship spec. After months of Alpha and Beta testing this spec should not be in the clunky shambles that it is now. Yet it is and it makes me wonder who was testing it and what was reported?

I am anywhere from 500 to 1000 DPS off of what I could do before the 4.01 patch. Why? Because the majority of the time I’m Steady shotting to get Focus back to get off one or two lower than should be DPS instant shots. It’s a sad thing.

Deathwing has killed my favorite spec right now. May it rise from the ashes to achieve the greatness it is capable of. FIX IT. JUST FIX IT.

/rant over for now


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  1. After months of Alpha and Beta testing this spec should not be in the clunky shambles that it is now. Yet it is and it makes me wonder who was testing it and what was reported?

    Hi, thanks, I was testing it for a decent part of beta and have probably sent the length of a decent novel to Blizzard in both feedback forms, forum threads, and email, none of which had much resolution. The testing was there and all backed up mathematically – blame shitheads like Frostheim and BRK for kissing up to Ghostcrawler instead of asking the hard questions and not working towards cross-spec parity.

    As to your complaints about its current state, I’m going to have to call this as a L2P issue. You should be using a 2/31/3, with your gear regemmed for pure Agility (minus a Agi/Hit and Agi/Haste gem OR a Nightmare Tear – whatever gets you more Agi out of set bonii) and reforged for as much Mastery as you can (sacrifice Crit first down to about 50%, then Haste to no lower than about 20%), and your rotation (after an opener of SrS, ChS, ArS, ArS) should be SS, SS, [enough ArS to bleed below 20 Focus], SS, SS, SS, ChS, ArS, repeat; Master Marksman procs will be woven into whatever focus dump phase is next (between Chimera and Arcane if you get one after the triple-steady).

    Or you could read my blog post on it. I’m reaching about 9600 DPS on raid-boss dummies, and that was with idiotic gemming that left me with my meta-gem inactive (a loss of about 600 DPS).

    • Thanks for the reply Riglon. Much appreciated. I just read your post as suggested by @tinkerpriest.

      Our specs are not that far apart actually and I have always been all agility gemmed. I was not down with the Arp idea.

      Looks like screw helping the tank with threat by using a MD and Multi-shot for now.

      I’ve not done any reforging for mastery as I wanted to get a good idea of what the base was before buying into it.

      As is I’m just below 50% crit, but I’m also not raid geared such as you. Which I find disappointing that one seems to need to be so highly geared now when this spec scaled very well with your gear level before the changes.

      Dang. Why not listen to facts? The spec would not have ended up in this situation. Thanks again man.

      I’ll get the full 4pc T10, respec and then look at mastery.

      • Yeah, sorry if my tone came off harsh. I’ve been under siege from most of the Hunter community for deviating from Frostheim/BRK’s “GC can do no wrong” mindset and actually challenging the devs to fix the issues that matter (large reliance on Steady, super high threat with FD still on the Spell Hit table [less of an issue now without Focused Aim], minimum range still in-game). The quip about “where was the testing” kinda stung, and I lashed out a bit more strongly than I should have.

        That said, what ranged weapon are you using? Currently all of our shots are un-normalized, so if you’re using Rowan’s, you’re losing a LOT of damage. The easiest replacement weapon (and honestly your best DPS weapon short of a LK25 weapon) is the Wrathful Gladiator’s Rifle – despite claiming it needs 1800 rating, you only need the 2650 Honor to buy it. 🙂

        • No worries. I understood where you were coming from & I know about the tension between you and Frost. I did not know about BRK, but no matter. Honestly, “where was the testing,” was pointed at people who got in to the Alpha, Beta, asked dumb questions during dev Twitter chats, and did not bring up the concerns at Blizzcon publicly. Basically the silent just for the ride players that wanted the dork badges for getting in or getting a non-issue question answered. It’s been bothering me for a while now.

          I hate the reliance on Steady Shot and the scaling of most of the instant shots right now. They cost a lot with little impact.

          I’m still using the Fel Glacier Bolter due to not raiding. I’ll grab the Wrathful Gladiator’s Rifle and my two other pieces of T10. I can get Justice points to flow like water right now anyway.

          Thanks for the help thus far and for trying to get this right before it saw the light of day. To bad they (devs) didn’t listen. 🙂

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