You got Gold, We got Mastery…Sold

Blizzard always introduces a gold sink just before an expansion. It’s a way to take some gold out of the economy to keep things somewhat balanced.

The big gold sink announced is 310% flying speed being trainable. However, Mastery is the one I’m thinking of here.

Our current gear has no Mastery stats. So to add mastery stats we must pay to reforge pieces. The forthcoming gear in Cataclysm will have Mastery points on it (last I read anyways). We can reforge for more of course. Reforging now may help you to understand things later, but it does cost therefore taking gold out of the economy.

I’ll keep my gold for now. I can wait. Plus, I’m not ultra rich any way. So for all of you that are investing gold and sharing information; Thank you.


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