Initial 4.0.1 Marksmanship Thoughts

  • It’s a 1/4 mile drag race but we only have enough fuel for an 1/8 mile.
  • Is Aimed Shot worth any thing without our Camoflauge ability?
  • Our ability to ramp up damage is off. All of the other DPS classes seem to go boom boom boom boom. We go boom boom click click.
  • Beastmastery gets 110 Focus, while Marksmanship gets 100. The extra 10 does help.
  • Marksmanship still feels like it needs work in its current state in my opinion.  It’s a little clunky.
  • Only use Aimed Shot when it procs for as an instant shot. Otherwise it feels like a waste of time. See my other thought about its use.
  • Is it just me, or does Kill Command and Intimidation not macro with shots?  I hope it’s just me.
  • I’m running Marksmanship for now without any additional Mastery. I want to get a feel for the baseline damage I can do. Then I will jump into Mastery to see if I can improve my output.

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  1. Clunky is the perfect word! I’ve been running mm since the patch (and pre patch but that’s the distant past now) and that pretty much sums up my experience.

    Have been suffering due to my insistence on prioritising chimera shot (claiming stubbornly “this is how it SHOULD be, angrily else feels wrong) which as it turns out hits like a wet noodle (haven’t looked at numbers since the hotfix)

    Kill command is on the gcd now, so won’t macro with shots like it used to (not that I ever use it in MM, unless I miss use a cd and have to bleed a LOT of focus fast).

    As for mastery… It seems kinda a big deal, I’ve been consistently behind my guilds other hunters despite maintaining better SS and ISS uptime AND hitting more of every shot. The only difference is gear :. Mastery

    • In my opinion Mastery is the new Armor Pen. Blizzard traded one extreme for the other the way things are right now.

  2. Last night I raided on my hunter for the first time since the patch. I completely agree that it is clunky. It doesn’t seem to flow into any natural shot rotation or priority.

    Mastery seems completely overpowered. I reforged some haste into Mastery and the Wild Quiver shots were my second highest source of damage.

    I’m not really sure when to use Kill Command any more.

    • Almost the exact same experience. Beastmastery was a joy to be in as compared to Marksmanship right now. I don’t know how it made it to a live patch in its current clunky and mal-powered state.

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