Thoughts on Patch 4.01 Thus Far

  • I like Focus.
  • The restraints of Focus causes you to think more about how many times you use a shot.
  • The new active pet mechanic is nice with the auto stabling when you dismiss. If you need to change a pet mid-dungeon you can.
  • Being able to house 26 pets at level 85 is going to be awesome.
  • I may not be a fan of the 4k Justice points cap. We shall see. I’m close to the cap now, but once I start spending points every thing will most likely work itself out.
  • No more ammo. Awesome, but it would have been nice to be able to vendor unused crafted ammo at a closer to market price. 30 Silver for 1000 Shatter Rounds was disappointing to see. Yes, I use arrows, but I did not have a full 1000 stack for a price comparison.
  • Everyone is a noob again. No more experts yet, which is refreshing.
  • Kill Command needs a queue mechanic. It’s a little un-nerving to use once your pet gets in melee range. Hunters want to be filling the enemy full of holes not waiting to gauge pet distance to a target.
  • If Cobra Shot is suppose to be the Beastmastery shot, why is it in the Survival Spec?
  • The Unholy Death Knight’s Ghoul’s hulking up looks a lot more intimidating than a big red beast. A little jealousy here.
  • Multi Shot needs a better ending animation. They are suppose to be mini missiles. I want to see impact.
  • I’m still getting used to Trap Launcher. It’s a nice ability if you can use it.
  • Being a hunter now requires some timing and patience. Things do feel more huntery again.
  • The Draenei’s hit racial is no longer party/raid wide. Some are bummed about it.
  • If you tame a pet and feeding it does not appear to make it happier, dismiss it and resummon it. It’s true level of happiness will show.
  • If you have a pet that will  not summon from your active stable, place it in the non-active stable, then place it in the active stable again. The issue should be resolved. I freaked out a little when I was having problems summoning my Ghost Saber. Doing what I mentioned resolved my issue.
  • There are bugs. That’s to be expected. Prepare for restarts and enjoy the game.
  • I wish the number of Justice points earn-able was shown in the LFD tool.
  • The world shakes every so often. I like it. The game feels alive again. Could Blizzard keep up little things like it throughout the Catacylsm expansion?
  • Some macros are busted, but most still work.

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