My First 4.01 Beastmastery Spec

My first Beastmastery spec. This most likely needs a lot of tuning. Good thing I mostly use BM for fun. Remember, no more Aspect of Beast.


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  1. Mine is different for sure. I’ll try to drop a link to it for ya ax. At this point I think people won’t have specs nailed down for a week our so. My pet specs are probably atrocious at this point too even though they are that different from before the patch.

    • Interesting. I am replacing the Prime Kill Command Glyph in my setup with the Kill Shot one. My Arcane Shot is hitting fairly hard between 6-7k in 5 mans.

    • I see our biggest difference is the pet healing component. I took it because I do a lot of solo play. Being able to remove poisons, diseases, curses and magic debuffs comes in handy. I took the Serpent Sting over the Haste talent to give me that hard upfront hit. I will be getting the Haste talent later.

      I’ve run some dungeons now as BM, but I don’t trust the numbers yet due to just getting the Skada update.

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