Preparing the Ark

With the thought being that patch 4.0 will drop this coming Tuesday, I must prepare the ark for the influx of pets. Yes, I am calling my stable an ark. Really with all of the space, can you call it a stable any longer?

Taming will be a strategic affair. Find the beast, tame the beast, feed it until the happy face is green, then stable the pet, and move on to the next beast to tame. I will be doing the taming in my Beastmastery spec. Being in Beastmastery spec will allow me to tame any beast including exotic and spirit beast.

I will need to carry some food to help with post taming feeding. I think 100 of any variety of meat will be enough for the meat eaters I plan to tame. Of course I need to get some fruit. I hope the fruit lady in Ironforge has what I need, otherwise, I’ll hit the auction house to find a decent supply of about 50.

The first thing I will need to do upon 4.0 going live is to visit a hunter trainer. I’ll just get a head start by being in Ironforge to begin with. After training and stabling all of my current pets to the super sized inactive stable (ark), I’ll head out to start my new taming. My intention will be to work taming as a zone and continent deal. It will be the easiest way to make sure I get all of the pets I desire.

There will be forthcoming posts containing screenshots of the beast that I tame to fill up my ark. Stay tuned.

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  1. Wow! Sounds like you and I have the same idea regarding the new expanded pet stables. I’ve got a list in my google docs that has the spawn location, spawn name and the name I plan to name said newly tamed pet as well.

    I’m definitely looking forward to this patch!

    • I’ve got my names in a Google Doc too. I don’t feel crazy now. Not that I did before, but you understand.

      We are definitely due for a patch that gets us excited about the game again.

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