Using Dual Spec Advantages

This is not so much a hunter related post as it is a general post about using a Blizzard given ability to our advantage. That ability is Dual Specialization.

Players need to be more open-minded about using group compositions that are not the norm to handle some content. Here is an example from Monssoen’s (warrior) latest experience in Heroic Pit of Saron.

Monssoen joined the Pickup Group (PUG) using the Looking for Dungeon tool going in as secondary spec Fury, which was primary, and will be such in Cataclysm.

The PUG was fun from the beginning and was planning to run multiple dungeons. Awesome. These type of PUGs are rare these days.  Our second dungeon was Heroic Pit of Saron.

The group was just geared enough. People actually needed gear from the dungeon including myself if it dropped.

Everything was going fine. First boss went down without much issue. We only had one person brand new to the dungeon and fights. Each boss fight  was explained to him/her before proceeding with it.

The second boss gave us a couple of wipes, but we got him the third time. Most of the group had wiped, but this was also a key moment in our PUG.

The healer went down. Then the boomkin bit it. Next was Monssoen. Suddenly in chat the Death Knight tank told the Ret Paladin to spot heal him. TEAMWORK. Monssoen made a beeline back from the graveyard as the fight was not over. The healer was right on her heels.

Back into the fight at half health, 20 seconds later the boss was dead and everyone was at full health. What a rush.

Next up was the hill to the cave. Yeah that hill. The one with the annoying AOE casters that make tanks mad as a hornet and healers mash a hole through their desk normally.

We wiped twice on the first group. The first time the healer was not ready. The second time was just a bunch of ugly. Our druid healer could not keep us all up through the incoming damage from the AOEs.

Monssoen switches to protection spec and dawns her tanking gear. The Death Knight objects at first, but told dead DPS equals 0 DPS. Plus the warrior protection spec can assist more with its use of various stuns and silencing. The PUG also refines the use of the paladins abilities more.

On the group went dual tanking up the hill. The mobs were basically on lockdown, easing healing, and the stress of potential death. Dual spec saves the day again. Afterwards, Monssoen goes back to Fury.

Getting through the last part of the cave was a wipefest. The paladin ended up going protection and being used as bait with his/her bubble to gather all of the mobs. FLEXABILITY.

The last boss was a three shot affair due to people not paying attention to the Brand spell.

Overall it was a fun run and shows what could be down with group comps outside of the norm.

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