Draenei in Neutral…Grrrrr #Cataclysm

Get a load of this. The Draenei sat on the sidelines basically while the Lich King was dealt with and once again we’re basically on the sideline. We did offer help, but it was not really embraced. This time we’re waiting for a forthcoming great battle between good and evil. A battle that has yet to arrive. With all of this rest we should be able to lead the charge I hope. Come on man, we want a true dog in this fight.

Maybe I should just move back to Outlands? Since Hellfire is a waste, maybe I can set up a home in Nagrand on one of the floating islands. It’s got to have a waterfall too. That’ll keep the property value up.

If you’re wondering where I got this information from you can look no further than Psynister’s Notebook and watch the race introductions video below.

This is kind of lame. Deathwing could attack the Exodar or something to give the Draenei a better reason to be in the fight. I wonder if the Exodar is flight worthy again?


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  1. Yeah, disappointingly not a flipping thing was changed in the Draenei islands. I haven’t gotten my goat up to Bloodmyst yet in the beta, but since I haven’t seen anything at all new in Azuremyst as far as quests, quest rewards, mobs, or anything else I would be really surprised if they changed anything there either. I haven’t actually gone to Exodar yet, but I have very little hope that there will be any change there either.

    I’m not a huge fan of the Draenei zones to begin with, so I was really hoping for something to spice it up like what they did with the Tauren, and I was sad to see nothing at all new. In fact, I’m not entirely sure that they even got the starting area mailbox. Surely they did, but I don’t remember it now that I’m thinking back on it. I’ll have to go double check.

    • Well if the starter area film is to be explained and what Rossi published on WoW Insider is taken into account, we my mot be getting the Emerald Dream as the next expansion, which was a thought months ago. Maybe we will be heading back to Outland to finish some unfinished business.

      This does give Blizzard multiple forks in the road, but give the Draenei a reason to remain on Azeroth, or at least cover the why a little better. Hopefully, we find out more in game. Otherwise, lets fire up the Exodar and get the heck out of Dodge.

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