King Me!

That’s right. I took the throne in Dire Maul (You probably feel suckered now, but please don’t take it out on your computer. You need it to continue to play the game we love.) I slayed the ogre king to take the throne and get my tribute. I will be bolstering security since I was able to walk right into this place with little resistance.
I will rule with an iron fist and a club if needed. We also need to decorate this place a little. The King of Dire Maul should have an adequate throne room.

My first order of business as king is to expand our territory. We don’t just want one wing. We want the whole place. My second order of business is to make that goblin near the game pit get his butt to work. We need some entertainment going on in there. No fights to the death will be needed, but some tree on tree violence will be good to see. Our very own Ultimate Tree Competition (UTC).
I need to order a stadium seat cushion for this throne. Sitting on hard rock all day long does not feel great on the booty. I don’t know how that other guy did it. No wonder he was in a bad mood when I arrived.

Hey, assistant. Please let all of the ogres know that full tribute will be due every day at noon. I did not kill any of them for nothing. If they don’t have the proper tribute, then they will pay by joining the UTC. Trust me. Those trees hit hard.
Along with becoming King came some nice perks. I acquired a proper robe and I wear my awesome crown. It’s not full of bling, but it doesn’t have to be. I’m just that awesome. Yes, as king I still carry my weapon. Just because I’m king doesn’t mean I don’t need to check an ogre or two at times. Plus I have my pets to help maintain order.


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