Who Ya Gonna Call?!

I got the call to go to Dire Maul. The Night Elves said they had a problem that needed to be resolved. Of course most of their forces are still in Northrend and they said the job was small. They needed a loose end tied up. They agreed to pay me well and I got to keep any loot I found.
Do Night Elves ever look before they leap? I swear I was not expecting a problem on this scale. If this is small, I would hate to see huge. Then again, this is the same race that let the current carnal Worgen loose upon Azeroth and can’t find the weapon needed to put them back in check.

By the Light. Next time I will make sure I get a true map to the place where I’m going. Shut down 5 pylons. Check. Kill a forest of living trees and giants. Not expected, barely survived, and check. Time to go put this demon dog and Prince in check.
Fireballing mages. Silly Highborne Night Elves. Let me show you some real firepower. Demon dog dispatched, and I ticked off the Prince. Well, checking my list he was next anyway. Apparently the mages were mad that I got the kill, so they were dealt with as well. These are some crazy Night Elves.
Dude, you got punked. Mission complete. Time to see what else is around this place. I heard whispers of an ogre population that needed to be checked. I can do that for some fun since I’m out here.


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