Nerfing the Horde Side

I’m done with the Horde side of things for now. I just have to face the fact that leveling is BORING for me. I also really want the Worgen that will be joining the team to be a rogue. There is no sense in having two of them. I was prepared for such an event, but there is no need for it really.

The bright side is that the mage class kind of won me over. Maybe because it’s very different for me at this point. I may not level any more and wait for the next expansion so that leveling can be fun again.

This is what the future will hold. There will be a rogue (Worgen) and shaman (Dwarf) added to the family. I’ve never played as a dwarf so this will be interesting playing as one of the small sized races in the future.

When you notice this place de-Horded, this is why.

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