An Adventure in UI Building Part 5

Here is my first completed UI. It’s by no means perfect, but I got’er done.
Decent work eh? Now I’m ready to scrap it.

You didn’t see that coming did you? With all of the alternative characters, putting everything into place exactly the same across the board is a pain. It’s not the set and go I was hoping for with just an assignment of the action bar buttons.

I’m happy I did this exercise because it opened my eyes to addons that allow for a great deal of customization I’ve never attempted before. What’s my recourse? SpartanUI for the time being, but with some added personalization.

I must face the truth that if SpartanUI’s development is not continued it could be of no good once Cataclysm hits. It’s a risk I’m willing to take for now for some sanity of cross character continuity.

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  1. Did you check the “copy from profile” options for your addons when trying the UI out on other characters?

    When I customised my UI for the first time a few weeks ago, I found that I could copy most of the settings for Sexymap, Bartender, Omen, Recount and even the viewport mod from my main. There were a few quirks — recount would pick up all the colouring and sizing but I’d have to position it manually. Sexymap doesn’t save the design in the profile but in a design template you ahve to save separately (and I still had to reposition it manually). And the chatbox generally needed repositioning manually too, but even so it took 5mins or so to set it up on each alt.

    • I did the profile saves, but strangely not all of the needed profiles would save to each alt. With SM I just use the default settings. I did do a little customization last night, but nothing major that I could not replicate in 3 clicks.

      The chat box has been funny with Prat. Most of the settings seem to make it, but like you said I need to place it in position at least once.

      With Spartan the map is relocated to the bottom middle. SM just provides some more hotness.

  2. A few tips of advice on the UI you had made (since im a big UI fan) Have you considered making the micro menu mouse over only? also why do you have portraits for you and your pet? You know who you are. The default sexy map seems to take up alot of room did you try a more sleek geometric design? Your UI seems to be a little bottom heavy, perhaps buffs in one top corner and raid frames on the other? Also where have you put your dbm/bw/dxe bars do you have any other sort of things that pop up in combat like msbt or power auras?

    • Thanks for the comment. Answers to your questions:

      I did not consider making the Micro menu mouse over only. It was not a big deal to me. It was small enough to put where ever I wanted it to be.

      The portraits for my pet and I are a stylistic thing. I like it.

      The default sexy map actually does not take up a lot of space. The map is as small as I can stand without needing glasses to see it. I prefer a round map.

      When in parties with the UI I built, the members appear in the upper left corner.

      I use DBM, but I have no dedicated bars for it. There was no need. I can access it manually or via a button on the map. I don’t tinker with it. It does the job it needs to do for me out of the box.

      I use MSBT, not power auras. My rotation varies little and procs are consistent enough that things just flow for me.

      My final setup doe snot take up much room with things at the bottom of the screen. I played zoomed out far enough that normally my feet touh the top of the sexymap roundel. I do zoom out more when situations call for me to do so. Having the majority of the UI at the bottom is not an issue for me at all. To me it’s out of the way and I can enjoy more of the scenery that Blizzard sepnt so much time developing.

      Side note: I had way more bars active in my custom UI than SpartanUI does hence the size difference.

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